I will miss my mis Gaffney. She is nis to me and my class. I will miss art. I will miss my fris especially cadds. I will miss res beues it is fun. I will miss my muce. I will miss Math. I will miss doing.i will miss my disnare. I will miss reding. I will miss eventing.
My favorite theing ablt snowbell is she soft and cot. I did teck she wus get to be a sckre but is not. She is fre.she is coming to my hals. We tack trs if tacking car uf hr.
This is my IMovie abalt the face of the playground.
The desert is a hot plas. The desert is cold at naet . The cactus dusit net much wotr. The elephant dusit net much wotr. The desert is cufrtd in hot stand.
The zoo wus fun I sol a elfit . I Al's sol a jraff and a lotuf Uf trtls . I sol mine animals . I sol a lot uf snes . I sol a lion . I sol a srk. I sol a stlrfs. I like the elephants.
Meal worms haf 6 les. And are got. Teay mak cocoons.a Painted lady is a blak worm. The worms eat appls.
My business name is toy madness.

My business sells toys .

My business prisons are difrit.
I am worried becus trees and the flawrs because ya mit die.we cot pic up chras.we cot reuos botls.
I hw a lame I love my. lame my lam is Spasl. my lame gos unreel wife me. Lame woch is tv. Lame gos out side .